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Vegetable Roll $8

Cucumber, avocado, bell pepper, & carrot


Tuna Roll $8

Tuna & cucumber


Salmon Roll $8

Salmon & cucumber


Spicy Tuna Roll $8

Tuna, cucumber, & sriracha


Spicy Yellowtail Roll $8

Spicy yellowtail & cucumber


Augusta Roll $9

Crab, shrimp, & avocado


California Roll $8

Crab, cucumber, & avocado


Georgia Bullfrog Roll $10

Tuna, cucumber, avocado, roe, & sriracha


Philadelphia Roll $10

Salmon, cream cheese, & avocado






Fireside Roll $10

Tuna, shrimp, & cream cheese with sriracha


Nuclear Roll $10

Salmon, shrimp, cucumber with dynamite sauce & sriracha


Seaside Roll $10

Crab, shrimp, & cucumber with dynamite sauce


Dragon Roll $8

Eel & avocado with eel sauce


Gamecock Roll $10

Chicken, cream cheese, & avocado with eel sauce


Grove Roll $12

Eel, crab, cream cheese, & avocado with cucumber & dynamite sauce


Volcano Roll $11

Tuna, jalapeño, cucumbers, cream cheese, roe, & spices


Shrimp Tempura $12

Shrimp tempura & cucumber


Clemson Barber Roll $16

Crab, cucumber, & avocado; topped with salmon & tuna


Rainbow Roll $16

Crab, cucumber & avocado; topped with salmon, tuna, yellowtail, & shrimp


Fiery Habañero Roll $16

Spicy yellowtail, crab, pickled habañero, & cream cheese; tempura fried with dynamite sauce


Carolina Roll $17

Cream cheese, shrimp tempura, jalapeño, & bell pepper; topped with seared beef and dynamite sauce


Solé Roll $18

Tuna, crab, shrimp, avocado, cucumber, & cream cheese; tempura fried; topped with crab salad


Keowee Roll $16

Tuna, avocado, cucumber, & cream cheese; topped with shrimp, avocado, eel sauce, & sriracha


Origami Roll $17

Crab, avocado, & cucumber; topped with sashimi tuna, dynamite sauce, & tempura crunch


Shel Roll $17

Shrimp tempura, tuna, cream cheese, cucumber, & avocado; topped with dynamite sauce & eel sauce


Pink Lady $17

Cream cheese, tuna, & avocado; tempura fried; topped with spicy tuna & eel sauce


Clemson Sunrise $15

Tuna, avocado, & cream cheese; topped with spicy salmon


Sumo Roll $16

Futomaki roll with tuna, salmon, spicy yellowtail, cucumber, avocado, & crunch; topped with wasabi-mayo


Will of Fortune $18

Tuna, avocado, pickled habanero, & jalapeño, topped with salmon, spicy tuna, dyne, eel sauce, & tempura crunch. 

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